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To gain experience in any job and activity, you have to buy losses to grow!

Why you should choose Saran!

A young team of experts

Tested work

To satisfy customers, Saran Trading Group makes every effort, both in providing services and in providing modern equipment!

Our experts can give detailed advice and ultimately complete the project with the tools of the day.
Provide Ideas For Your Work

Saran design team is able to provide good ideas for your activity, dear customer!

Saran Young Group Of Experts

By registering the project in Saran, a young team of experts will follow up for you.

Our Capital Customers

Our customers are one of our main assets So we will not simply lose them

48 hours support

Saran Support Team is an expert who can solve customer problems in the shortest possible time.

Technology And Tools Of The Day

Saran commercial group technical team can complete projects with high quality with updated tools!

Timely delivery of the project

Saran's operational team, with careful planning, makes it possible for the project to be delivered on time.

What do Saran customers say!

Qom Science and Technology Park
Other customers
Saran is one of the companies that can be given zero to one hundred jobs and is completely sure of completing the work.
Qom Islamic Azad University
Thanks to the technical team of Saran Group, who were able to give us full coverage of the university environment in 60 days using 4K cameras.
Qom Municipality
The optical fiber drawn by the technical team was of exemplary quality, so they inserted the fiber into the flexor for added security, and eventually passed it through the riser to our desired location. Thanks to the Saran team
Qom Fruit and Vegetable Organization (Squares)
Cameras installed in the organization's environment give us good coverage of blind spots, which makes us use less manpower. The links installed by the technical team are also very efficient and allow us to know all the cng stations in the city, even the Arian station.
University of Hazrat Masoumeh Qom
The Sorena cameras that Mr. Behbani suggested to us are of very high quality and we are satisfied with the purchase of Iranian equipment. The cameras installed by the technical team and the cabling done by them have been of high quality and have attracted our attention to give them our other work. Support at different times is one of their strengths. Thanks to Saran Group

What You Need To Know About Us!

Young Professionals

With Golden Experience

When it comes to engineering engineering, one of the most important components is definitely the executive team. The technical or executive team of Saran Commercial Group is completed by experts who can provide the best advice for the customer project with an open mind. And finally implement it with tremendous energy.

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  • A Group Of Young Professionals
  • A Creative And Talented Team
  • Delivery Of Projects On Time
  • Gain Customer Satisfaction

Mission Statement

* Saran Business Group * intends to respond to the needs of video surveillance and other technical requests of the society by using private capital and optimal use of specialized personnel and other available resources while maintaining organizational values, while developing organizational knowledge and culture.

Why do you choose us?

Definitely the question for everyone is why we should get advice from Saran Commercial Group for our project or leave the work to them! How are they different from other similar companies? Maybe they are weaker than their opponents!

This question is very logical and correct. The main asset of Saran Commercial Group is the young people who, with their extraordinary energy, can quickly advance the customer project and meet their diverse needs. The use of modern equipment and specialized tools and powerful ideas are other things that can separate Saran from competitors.

Successful Counseling
Project Delivery On Time
Gain Customer Satisfaction
Using Young Manpower
Successful Project Design And Implementation

Want to know more about us ?!

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Company / Factory Customers
Organizational / Offices Customers
University Clients / Schools
Ordinary / Home Customers

Measure Us With Our Portfolio

Some Of Our Portfolio Can Be Seen Below

Saran Team

Consists Of The Best Creative And Experienced Youth